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EUICF, holding the 2022 Seoul Tech-Marketer Olympiad

  • Date2022.11.09
  • 7300

The office of Research/Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation (EUICF) held the 2022 Seoul Tech-Marketer Olympiad at the ECC building on November 2 (Wed).

The event is a competition hosted by the “Business-linked youth technology professionals development project” of the Seoul Regional Council (Ewha Womans University, Korea University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, and Chung-Ang University), which was held offline this year following last year's online event. The youth technology commercialization project staff of four universities belonging to the Seoul Regional Council gathered for the first time as the social distancing was relaxed, and presented SMK (Technology Introduction, Sales Material Kit) based on the excellent commercialization technology.

(Left) Lee Hyang-sook, Head of EUICF

(Right) Kim Bong-soo, Director of The Commercializations Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes (COMPA)

Lee Hyang-sook, the Head of EUICF, gave the opening speech for the main event, followed by congratulatory remarks by Kim Bong-soo, the Director of COMPA.

Director Kim Bong-soo stressed that the most important thing in technology commercialization and relocation is young talent, and cheered for the future of young technology commercialization personnel who participated in the event, saying, "I hope this competition will be a valuable place to cultivate direct and indirect experience and technology marketing skills for young talent.”

Of the 60 applicants, a total of 12 people from Korea University, 3 from Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 3 from Ewha Womans University, and 3 from Chung-Ang University advanced to the finals. After presenting excellent technologies for commercialization by each university, awards were given to excellent technology presenters.

(Left) Researcher Hwang Jeong-yeon of Ewha Womans University is receiving the grand prize

(Right) Researcher Yoon Hee-won (far right) of Ewha Womans University is receiving the runner-up prize

Researcher Hwang Jeong-yeon of Ewha Womans University won the grand prize, researcher Lee Do-hoon of Korea University won the first prize, and researcher Lee Ju-yeon of Seoul National University, Jang Hyun-jin of Chung-Ang University, and Yoon Hee-won of Ewha Womans University won the runner-up prize. In addition, researcher Yoo Ji-young of Korea University, Baek Jong-bin of Korea University, Jang Chang-hee of Chung-Ang University, Hong Shin-young of Ewha Womans University, Gong Jin-bae of Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Kim Seo-hee of Chung-Ang University, and Oh Sung-joon of Seoul National University of Science and Technology won the participation awards.

The 2022 Business-linked youth technology professionals development project, supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and COMPA, is being participated by 28 universities in six regions nationwide and operated by regional councils. As the president university of the Seoul Regional Council, Ewha Womans University planned and organized this event.

Researchers who participated in the event said they enjoyed the exchange with youth technology commercialization personnel from other universities, and also mentioned that it was a good opportunity to verify their skills as a technology marketers through fair competition.