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Summer missionary service activities of the Association of Attic Evangelism, which taught and practiced the spirit of Ew

  • Date2022.09.05
  • 3246

"It was a time to experience God's mission to cherish, love, and teach the mentee students of future camp for women students how to live a more valuable life."

Kang Min-ji (English Education, Class of 2025) participated as a member of the Missionary Scholarship Team in the summer of 2022 organized by the Attic Evangelism Association said. The attic evangelism association, an affiliate of Ewha Womans University, is a missionary organization founded on April 19, 1960. This summer's missionary service included the Yegrina Education Mission Team, Missionary Scholarship Student, and University Church Team to practice the Christian spirit of Ewha. 

The Missionary Scholarship Team, consisting of seven Ewha students from various majors, gathered online every week during the last semester to prepare a future camp for women students and held a camp for 14 women students online from July 28 (Thu) to 30 (Sat). The future camp for women students, which has lasted for more than 10 years, is a volunteer activity in line with the spirit of Ewha educating with a special interest in the humanization of women. College student mentors selected as missionary scholarship faithfully organized the camp contents with gender awareness education, emotional education, career, and practical economic education, which are essential for women to live independent lives. Each team member had a special time establishing mentor-mentee relationships with girls of various ages, ranging from senior elementary school students to high school students. 

Kim Hwi-yeon (Early Childhood Education, Class of 2023) said, "It was very meaningful to discuss the educational contents with my team members to give the best to students, and I was able to learn a lot," and vowed, "I will share and practice what I learned as an educator to fill children’s heart." Another participant, Byun Jae-won (International Studies, Class of 2022), said, "the women students were lovely and I was proud to be part of this community that continues the missionary spirit of Ewha Womans University."

<Missionary Scholarship Students>, which held the online future camp for women students

Posters, items and photos of the camp progress sent in advance before the camp

In addition, the Yegrina team, consisting of early childhood education students of Ewha, conducted educational volunteer activities for after-school children at Seongsan Social Welfare Center in Mapo-gu during the semester. The team members met in advance to prepare the training contents and met the children five times, every other Wednesday from May 11 to June 29. Jeong Ye-ji (Early Childhood Education, Class of 2023) said, "As time goes by, the children opened their hearts, they were all lovely and I was moved. So I wanted to repay them with good activities and education."

Kim On-yu (Early Childhood Education, class of 2025) said, "It was a time to focus on the personality and behavior every child," and Lee Yoo-mi (Early Childhood Education, class of 2022) also said, "The experience of envisioning educational activities according to children's development level and unique characteristics is memorable, and above all, I once again realized that they are growing with love."

Team Yegrina provides educational services to children at Seongsan Social Welfare Center

The University Church team conducted educational missionary service activities online for students at Ewha Womans University Middle School in need and provided abundant meals to them.

The team said that they felt rewarded by the small changes in mentees while working as mentors, and it was a time to revisit the direction of their lives about what to study for and why.