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Notice [Academic] Information on Course Evaluation of Undergraduate and Graduate Program of the Spring semester 2021

  • 작성처교무처 수업지원팀
  • Date2021.06.03
  • 4326

Course Evaluation of 2021 Spring semester is available.

The results of course evaluation is important resources to manage quality of teaching and learning, please participate actively.

All responses to the multiple and short answer questions are completely anonymous. Especially the written comments, when professors view them, it is displayed alphabetically of the responses, so the respondents’ anonymity is fully secured. (same as the present)

Please provide honest and constructive feedback in your course evaluations; however, please be respectful and refrain from making rude comments unrelated to the overall learning experience.

1. The period: 2021/6/10 (Thurs.) 13:00 – 6/23(Wed.) 12:00

2. Courses: All courses that have been opened for undergraduate and graduate programs in the Spring semester 2021.

 * Excluded courses: Freshmen Seminar, Internship courses, Credit transfer courses from the other Universities, Graduate courses taken by undergraduate students, Undergraduate courses taken by graduate students. 

3. Methods: EUREKA PORTAL(http://portal.ewha.ac.kr/)→ Academic affairs→ Curriculum→ Course Evaluation

 * To complete the evaluation, please click ‘confirm’ after saving the responses.

 Once you have clicked ‘confirm’, you cannot change the responses.

4. Others

1) As of the Spring semester 2020, exchange students will be participating as well. Therefore, courses that have been categorized as ‘only for exchange students’ and ‘Korean language courses’ which had not been evaluated until Fall semester of 2019 will be included for the regular course evaluation.

2) If you do not participate, even for one course, you will not be able to view your grade until 6/23(Wed.) 23:59. 

3) You can still write comments to the courses that are excluded from the regular course evaluation. The restrictions on viewing your grades do not apply to these courses. 

4) [Undergraduate] You can view the results of the course evaluation for the previous 2 semesters (2020 Fall, 2021 Spring) during the course registration and confirmation/change period of 2021 Fall semester. For further information on viewing the results, please check announcement board at the end of July.


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