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Making the Future of Ewha Brighter

  • Date2022.08.17
  • 718
Alumna Jin Hwa-yeon (pseudonym)

Alumna Jin Hwa-yeon (pseudonym) has been making continuous donations to “Drawing Future of Ewha Support Fund (Higher Civil Service National Examination)” for students in a special class preparing for state examinations. She remarked, “Donation is drawing a line for the future. A single donation may look like a single line but when an untold number of lines are accumulated over time through generations, they will complete a ‘whole picture including the part that I couldn’t complete by myself.’”

Jin left a message of encouragement for students and expressed her wishes, saying, “I hope more people will partake in donation so that more students can enjoy benefits.”

To Support a Person Does Not Require Something Big

I decided to make a donation after I saw a comment left by a student who was preparing for a state examination. She said that it is really devastating that she always tries to find a way to skimp on snacks while preparing for her examination. When you study for a state examination, you feel like walking along a tunnel filled with anxiety, guilt, or frustration. What supports one during those hard times may not be a great principle or grandiose goal but a trivial thing in daily life such as completing an answer sheet with a favorite pen and enjoying delicious snacks.

To fill your daily life with what you love requires time and money. In this regard, I am delighted that I can realize my wishes of supporting students by making donations to the “Drawing Future of Ewha Support Fund (Higher Civil Service National Examination).” The name of the fund implies the meaning of “drawing the future of Ewha with a bright color like green.” As with Ewha that opened its door with one student, I also always believe that I took the first step by drawing a green line through donation. And I am certain to this one line, others will add more lines and paint between them with the brightest colors in the future.

For a Bright Future to be Completed by Pushing for “One More Day”

Despite all of this, if you can’t stop thinking about giving up, I suggest you think “Try just one more day and then give up.” Filling up one day after another with small joy will lead you to the place where you have never expected. And I sincerely hope that the moment will finally come for you to think, “It was fortunate that I didn’t give up and tried one more day.”