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College of Nursing Acquires Five-year Accreditation from the Evaluation and Accreditation of Nursing Education

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  • Date2023.01.06
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간호대학 4주기 간호교육인증평가 5년 인증 획득
The College of Nursing at Ewha Womans University (Dean Younhee Kang) obtained a five-year accreditation (June 2023 to June 2028) from the Nursing Education Accreditation overseen by the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education.

The Nursing Education Accreditation marks its fourth phase in 2022 since it was first conducted in 2004 under the supervision of the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education, an institution designated by the Ministry of Education, with the aim to evaluate and accredit the educational capabilities of institutions providing nursing education. The accreditation aims to improve the quality of nursing education, enhance the standardization of nursing education and foster talented nurses, evaluating institutions across 6 areas, 14 items, and 27 indicators such as vision and governance, program curriculum, students, faculty, facilities and equipment, and evaluation of educational outcomes. According to the revision of the Medical Service Act and Higher Education Act, all institutions providing nursing education in Korea must earn the Nursing Education Accreditation every five years from the second phase (2012-2016), which is a crucial evaluation that qualifies graduates to take the national nurse exam.

The College of Nursing at Ewha has successfully obtained the five-year accreditation with every evaluation since the launch of the accreditation system, and also received outstanding reviews for this year’s accreditation, which marks its fourth anniversary in 2022. Selected for the “2022 Training Support Project for Colleges of Nursing” organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in July last year, the Ewha College of Nursing once again proved its status as an educational institution that provides elite nursing education by reflecting the changes in the healthcare environment, as well as the nursing education and higher education environments. 

간호대학 4주기 간호교육인증평가 5년 인증 획득

Since the launch of Po Goo Nyo Goan in 1903 as Korea’s first exclusive hospital for women, which also provided nursing education for the first time in Korea, the College of Nursing at Ewha has been playing a leading role as the first nursing college in Korea by establishing its first nursing department for undergraduates in 1955 and Korea's first nursing college in 1968, which has since produced more than 1,000 Korean and international nursing educators. As the importance of nursing professionals increases in times of various changes caused by trends such as COVID-19, the aging society, and changes in the healthcare environment, the College of Nursing plans to strengthen its status as not only the first but also the best nursing educational institution by producing outstanding individuals who are equipped with world-class research capabilities and training excellent female nurses with scientific nursing competencies as well as global competitiveness.