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Ewha Holds the 2023 Ewha Family New Year's Concert to Celebrate the Year of the Black Rabbit

  • 작성처
  • Date2023.01.04
  • 24646

Ewha Womans University held the 2023 Ewha Family New Year's Concert at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on January 2 (Mon.). A multitude of Ewha members attended the event to share their New Year's greetings and wishes, including Chairperson Chang Myong-Sue of the Ewha Womans University Board of Trustees, President Eun Mee Kim, faculty members, and staff from medical centers and affiliated schools.

‘2023 이화가족 신년음악회’ 계묘년 새 아침을 열다 Presided by Ihn-Hwi Park, Ewha’s Vice President for General Administration, the concert started with a prayer by University Chaplain Sunhee Ahn and new year’s greetings by Chairperson Chang Myong-Sue and President Eun Mee Kim. Chairperson Chang Myong-Sue shared words of wisdom, remarking “I hope that you will stay true to your dreams and take further steps forward in the new year at Ewha, a place where your precious values, virtues and dreams continue to flourish 

President Eun Mee Kim also offered new year’s greetings and remarked, “I organized today’s event with the hope that it would be a most wonderful new year’s gift for you all to start the year with melodies that only Ewha can produce.” She also added, “Let us muster our spirits and move forward to create the future of our dreams, just like the spirited leaps of the black rabbit that symbolizes this year.”

‘2023 이화가족 신년음악회’ 계묘년 새 아침을 열다

This was followed by the main programs of the event, which was hosted by the College of Music (Dean Shin-Hwa Park), with Professor Ahn Hyun-jung (Department of Korean Music) serving as commentator and master of ceremonies.

The first performance was “Geomungosanjo Instrumental Duo of Han Gab-deuk School” by Professor Sun Ok Kim at the Department of Korean Music and Master Ju Seon-wu. Next, Professor Jung Eun Kim and Professor Moonjung Kim at the Department of Keyboard Instruments received a fervent round of applause for their performance of Mozart's “Sonata for Piano 4 Hands in D Major, K. 381,” which was followed by a vocal solo by Professor Eun Hee Kim at the Department of Voice, who sang “New Arirang” composed by Kim Dong-jin and “Dich, teure Halle” from Wagner's opera “Tannhäuser.”

‘2023 이화가족 신년음악회’ 계묘년 새 아침을 열다 Bringing the event to a close, the Ensemble Ewha (conductor: Ki-Sun Sung), and Professor Ji Won Song at the Department of Orchestral Instruments performed “Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K.219” composed by Mozart. The orchestra and the remarkably vibrant solo violin performed beautifully together to exchange melodies as if sharing an eloquent conversation, with the bright and powerful melody splendidly decorating the grand finale of the event.