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Ewha’s Graduate Students Selected for the 2022 Global Core Talent Development Support Project

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  • Date2022.05.27
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Ewha’s Graduate Students Selected for the 2022 Global Core Talent Development Support Project 

Six master’s and doctoral students in the Department of Statistics and the Department of Pharmacy under the Graduate School at Ewha were selected for the “2022 Global Core Talent Development Support Project.” Selected by the Ministry of Science and ICT and organized by the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP), the project is aimed at developing human resources in ICT sectors, including artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, blockchain and fintech, into top-level talents with global competency by dispatching them to prestigious universities and corporate research institutes located in the leading countries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

(왼쪽부터) 통계학과 박사과정 박유진 씨와 석사과정 강지영, 신민주, 이채영, 전해인 씨, 약학과 박사과정 윤상희 씨

Ph.D. student Yu-jin Park and master’s students Ji-yeong Kang, Min-ju Shin, Chae-yeong Lee and Hae-in Jeon in the Department of Statistics, Ph.D. student Yoon Sanghee in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D. student Yu-jin Park and master’s students Ji-yeong Kang, Min-ju Shin, Chae-yeong Lee and Hae-in Jeon in the Department of Statistics will be dispatched to the University of Windsor, a public university located in Canada, and carry out research on the development of autonomous driving performance improvement algorithms using big data and AI. As visiting research students, the Department of Statistics team will be provided with an independent research space, state-of-the art research infrastructure and living expenses by the University of Windsor, and conduct the research with the aim of improving the road environment where connected autonomous vehicles and manually-driven non-autonomous vehicles coexist, under the guidance of Principal Investigators Professors Kyongwon Kim and Jae Keun Yoo. 

Professor Kyongwon Kim commented, “This research is also significant in that it aims to surpass the face value of its application aspects and develop an entirely new statistical methodology by applying a new big data analysis methodology called functional data analysis to self-driving data,” and added, “The research is expected to generate the public benefit of preventing traffic accidents and traffic congestions with the development of a driving behavior prediction model, and contribute to the transition from the era of human-driven non-autonomous vehicles to the era of autonomous vehicles in the long run.” 

Yoon Sanghee, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was selected for a global business-linked project and will be dispatched as an intern to Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) based in Beijing, China, to perform a joint research collaboration project on new drug development using AI. The “Global AI Drug Discovery Center” under the College of Pharmacy at Ewha is undertaking a joint research cooperation project alongside MSRA, which possesses top global-level competency in AI technology, for the first time in the field of pharmacy in Korea. Yoon is conducting deep learning research on structure-based drug design in consideration of the flexibility of protein-ligand interactions under the guidance of Principal Investigator and Professor Sun Choi, and will receive joint guidance from AI experts and carry out the joint research project under close cooperation between Ewha and MSRA during her six-month internship at MSRA. 

Professor Sun Choi commented, “This project is an excellent opportunity to conduct global industry-academia cooperation and talent training in concert with Microsoft, which has one of the world’s best AI technology capabilities,” and added, “I will endeavor to the best of my ability to help both institutions to work in synergy and produce an outstanding outcome in terms of leading global research on AI-based drug discovery.”

Centered around its graduate schools, Ewha is stepping up its efforts to foster female professionals to lead the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including expanding scholarships, such as Ewha Research Excellence and Outstanding Ewha Scientists, and reorganizing the support system for excellent graduate students to be able to focus solely on studying and research.