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Ewha Opens CHECK and IESEH in Collaboration with Ewha Medical Center and SCL

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  • Date2022.03.25
  • 17816

Ewha Opens Children’s Environmental Health Clinic in Korea (CHECK) and Institute of Ewha – SCL for Environmental Health (IESEH) in Collaboration with Ewha Medical Center and SCL

With the aim to facilitate global cooperation on research to improve the environment and health, Ewha, Ewha Medical Center and Seoul Clinical Laboratories (SCL) opened “Children’s Environmental Health Clinic in Korea (CHECK)” and “Institute of Ewha – SCL for Environmental Health (IESEH)” on March 23 (Wed.) as institutions dedicated to conducting studies on the promotion of the environment and health.

‘어린이 환경건강클리닉’ 및 ‘이화-SCL 환경건강연구센터’ 개소식 및 이화-SCL 환경건강연구센터 현판식 단체사진

Amid growing interest in coexistence between humans and nature and preemptive responses to various environmental threats in the post-COVID-19 era, Ewha established CHECK and the IESEH to investigate the environmental impact on the health of human beings, including children and women, and to identify measures to provide accurate information on environmental threats and improve health.

As Korea’s first clinic specializing in pediatric environmental health, CHECK will take the lead in developing a clinical examination model for recent topics of interest such as precocious puberty, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. By researching and providing education on the connection between children’s diseases and environmental substances, the clinic will identify measures to enhance the environmental health of children and women in Korea, and further lead environmental research and education on an international scale. Established alongside CHECK, the IESEH will research methods to establish women’s cohorts, presents environmental health trends in the post-COVID-19 era, research the development of health screening models, research birth cohort studies on children’s environmental health through national networks, etc.

말씀을 전하는 김은미 총장, 유경하 이화의료원장, 이경률 SCL 총괄의료원장

In a congratulatory speech, President Eun Mee Kim remarked, “In the post-COVID-19 era, we need to preemptively respond to threats against human health and prepare detailed and sophisticated countermeasures for health effects on vulnerable groups, especially children, the elderly, and those with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.” She then added, “It is my hope that the Institute of Ewha – SCL for Environmental Health will take the initiative in convergence education and R&D efforts by developing guidelines for environmental clinics, proposing environmental health solutions and establishing cohorts of children and women, based on the linkage model between clinics and research institutes as the foundation for convergence research combining clinical medicine and environmental medicine.”

The seminar that followed was held to share plans and goals of research activities and to discuss ways to operate CHECK and the IESEH with a view to facilitate their development. In addition, special lectures were delivered by Professor Ruth A. Etzel of George Washington University and Professor Michelle L. Bell of Yale University under the theme of “A Giant Leap Toward a Healthier Environment for All Children and Adults: Prospects, Clinical Applications and Public Health Research from Ewha to the Global Stage,” which further added to the meaningful nature of the occasion.