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Ewha College of Medicine Hosts the 2021 White Coat Ceremony

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.05.25
  • 3421

Ewha College of Medicine Hosts the 2021 White Coat Ceremony

The College of Medicine (Dean Han Jae-jin) hosted the 2021 White Coat Ceremony at Gyerim Hall of Medicine Building in the Magok Campus on May 21.

The white coat ceremony is a rite of passage that is intended to remind students of their sense of duty, responsibility, and respectful attitude towards life, which are virtues that future doctors must uphold, by allowing them to put on the iconic white coat worn by doctors and reflect over the meaning of the profession before the students in their second year of medical school are assigned to hospitals for clinical practice.

Due to COVID-19, only a limited number of guests were invited to this year’s event, comprised of internal guests, medical professors, and students. For families and friends who were unable to attend, the entire event was live-streamed via YouTube.

Dean Han Jae-jin delivered congratulatory remarks to 68 future doctors, encouraging them with the following words: “It is my wish that all of you will work hard towards your dreams while keeping Ewha’s motto and vision at heart, ultimately becoming excellent medical practitioners who will contribute to the development of the country and human society and to grow as doctors and medical scientists who will lead the future of medicine and build a sense of empathy towards the world.”

Director of Ewha Medical Center Ryu Kyung-ha offered congratulations to students who will soon be participating in clinical practice, stating “Ewha Medical Center is Korea’s first specialist women’s hospital, Korea’s first medical training center for female students, and the hospital that produced the country’s first female doctors and nurses. From now on, the hospital will be led by all of you.”

During the white coat ceremony, the Dean of College of Medicine, the Director of Ewha Medical Center, the President of Ewha College of Medicine Alumnae, the Director of Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, and the Director of Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital assisted five student representatives on the podium into their coats. All other students were also wearing their white coats in their seats.

Student representative Kim Yu-rim (medicine, incoming class of 2020) read aloud the Student Doctor’s Declaration of Ethics and vowed that “As a medical student and future doctor, we will value the human rights and wellbeing of patients as our paramount concern and make utmost efforts to engage in clinical practice with a sincere and honest attitude in accordance with guidance from senior doctors”.

The 68 medical students who received white coats will participate in clinical practice at Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital and Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital from their third year. Through clinical practice, they will be able to obtain field experience in patient treatment, which they will experience as doctors after graduation, and nurture practical clinical capabilities such as various clinical skills, field knowledge, and medical ethics by applying their theoretical knowledge to practice.