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A Total of 311 Ewha Graduates Pass the 2021 Public Teacher Employment Exam

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.03.16
  • 3658

A total of 311 Ewha graduates passed the final stage of the public teacher employment examination for the 2021 school year. 

Students who obtained a teacher’s certificate after completing courses at the College of Education, the Graduate School of Education, and the Teacher Training Program at Ewha were finally selected as eligible candidates for appointment as teachers at public schools through the first round of exams on pedagogy and major curriculums, and the second-round evaluation including in-depth interviews to determine teaching aptitude, preparation of teaching and learning guidance plans, and class demonstrations. Producing 270 successful candidates in 2019, 300 in 2020, and 311 in 2021, Ewha has successfully maintained its status as a comprehensive teacher training institution that offers majors in early childhood, primary and secondary school education, special education, and curriculum-based education for core subjects.

Including the top and second-place candidates in multiple regions, Ewha produced a total of 311 successful candidates consisting of 27 for kindergarten, 43 for elementary school, 214 for secondary school, and for non-curricular positions in school health (2), librarian (2), nutrition (1), and professional counseling (22). In particular, in Seoul, Ewha graduates achieved the highest and second highest scores in early childhood special education, as well as the highest score in elementary special education and in fine arts education. Ewha graduates also took the position of top-scoring candidates in music education in Ulsan and Chinese education in Jeollabuk-do. These achievements prove Ewha’s excellent capabilities in training aspiring teachers.

Ewha graduates achieved meaningful results and showed outstanding competence under difficult circumstances, having taken the first- and second-round exams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the College of Education is dedicating its efforts towards supporting students to prepare the public teacher employment exam by operating a dedicated study room for exam preparations; offering special lectures by current school teachers and external experts; providing feedback on class demonstrations and performing in-depth mock interviews in preparation for the second-round exam; and supporting lectures and the purchase of teaching materials.