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Ewha Produces Ten Successful Candidates for the 57th Patent Bar Examination

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  • Date2021.01.25
  • 4819

Ewha produced total of ten successful candidates in the 57th Patent Bar Examination. Patent lawyers, a profession that represents clients in obtaining patents for industrial property rights or litigations, are currently rising to the spotlight as the importance of intellectual property is increasing with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Among 1,157 applicants in total, 210 applicants (18.15%) passed the examination according to the announcement of successful candidates for the 57th Patent Bar Examination released by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea on Wednesday, January 20. The number of successful applicants increased by seven compared to that of last year (203, 17.50%), but the number of successful female applicants was 62, which is a continuous decrease from the number of 55th (78, 37.7%) and 56th (74, 36.5%). Despite the overall decrease in the number of successful female applicants, Ewha once again demonstrated its excellence by producing 16% of all successful female applicants. 

The rate of successful applicants among enrolled students increased as five Ewha students passed the examination while currently enrolled at Ewha, and seven successful applicants participated a patent bar exam prep club provided by the school. Ewha has been operating a patent bar exam prep club since 2005 and newly established special classes for students who are preparing for higher civil service exams (technical posts) and patent bar exams since April 2010 in the Ewha-SK Telecom Center, striving to improve students’ competitiveness by providing a dedicated study room, books, and classes at private academies.