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[Symposium & Conference] [Asian Center for Women's Studies] International Conference "Remapping the Feminist Global"

  • Ewha Campus Complex
  • 2022.07.21 ~ 2022.07.23
  • 2335

Remapping the Feminist Global:

A Multi-vocal, Multi-located Conversation


July 21(Thu) - 23(Sat), 2022

Feminism(s) - like other academic knowledge and global movements - bear the effects of historic and new permutations of Eurocentrism, colonialism and imperialism that continue to shape not only feminism but the global world we inhabit and seek to change. This year, the conference turns to Asia as a geographic location and imaginary that offers an important anchoring for global feminist conversations to move beyond the current hegemonic hold of the West and the (imperial) nation-state system that has pre-determined how feminism becomes a salient political and academic discourse.


In co-convening a conference on the theme of ‘Remapping the Feminist Global: A Multi-vocal, Multi-located Conversation’, we at the Asian Center for Women’s Studies (ACWS) at Ewha Womans University and International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP) call for urgently needed collective reflections on emerging hierarchies not only between West and non-West, but also for critical reflections on the hierarchies and relations in and between ‘the non-West’. To consider feminism from Asia is then an effort to cultivate more satisfactory redress and connections in and through knowledge production.


The conference begins with an Opening Keynote (Professor Lisa Yoneyama, University of Toronto) and 2 plenary roundtables sponsored by ACWS. This is followed by 2 days of 3 hub plenaries convened by Oceania and Southeast Asia Hubs, and 35 Hybrid Stream panels and 19 Virtual Stream panels convened through an open call for submissions. The conference ends with a closing conversation roundtable.


‘Hybrid Conference’: This year’s conference will be held via two-track of Virtual and Hybrid Streams. The panels on the Virtual Stream will be convened as Zoom Webinars and panels on the Hybrid Stream will be convened on-site (Ewha Womans University, ECC) with in person and virtual participation. All sessions will be live-streamed.

Conference website: https://www.ifjpglobal.org/conferences

Program Link

Please register to participate.


Online Registration Link

Closing Date: July 14, 23:59 (KST) / 14:59 (GMT)

On-Site registration on the days of the conference

is also possible for in person participants.

Registration Fee: 30,000won (Student 15,000won)